Five hours later... London’s Slowest Roasted Lamb

180518_Ceru_LambShoulder_38 1.jpg

When we’re hungry, we have little to no patience, an emotion sometimes referred to as hangry. An off the shoulder remark might be that the food is always worth the wait. But how about five hours to wait for the food of your dreams?

Combining the variety of rich flavours found in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and Palestine, CERU take our customers on a journey across the Middle East in our South Kensington and Soho restaurants, taking food from the sun-drenched shores of the region and putting their own twist on them. One such dish is the Lamb Shoulder. 

The roasting joint is a staple in Levantine culture, with lamb being the centre of hundreds of dishes. And who can blame them – lamb, especially from CERU, is super tender and savoury, falling off the bone with incredible ease.

The CERU philosophy on lamb is simple: slow-roast lamb shoulder for five hours in a secret (shh!) blend of 12 Shawarma spices, topped with pomegranate, fresh mint, and pistachio sauce.

This is one meal that is always the wait. But thankfully, CERU has the roasting on all day, so you won’t have to actually wait for 5 hours. 

Elina Linina