A note from the founder...

I have lost track of how many days and nights I have spent eating and drinking my way around the various countries that form the Levant.

Encouraged by Levent Kayapehlivan who I met in a backstreet café near the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, I was inspired to create a flavour journey that provides an insight into the rich food heritage of the region. The menu at CERU uses authentic ingredients and cooking methods, but without the need to faithfully recreate well known dishes. It has been great fun — I hope you enjoy eating it, as much as I did creating it.

Ceru owner Barry Hilton’s sign off

— Barry Hilton (Founder)


Our Ingredients


Life in the CERU kitchen is a kaleidoscope of colours. We only use the freshest produce sourced from the London markets to create vibrant dishes for you and your guests to enjoy.

 Our menu features nearly 100 ingredients with over 20 spices and 6 varieties of nuts, but without doubt our most commonly used ingredient is the humble lemon — zest, sliced or juiced, this little yellow nugget is the powerhouse behind the CERU kitchen.


Where is The Levant?

The countries that form the Levant border the furthest eastern coastal shores of the Mediterranean and can loosely be described as the crossroads of Western Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Northeast Africa and Northwest Arabia.

It features beautiful scenery, a rich and colourful heritage, warm and generous people and seemingly never-ending sunshine. The area has not been without its well-publicised troubles, but our wonderful travel experiences in the Levant have only left us wanting more. 

Our menu harnesses the vast array of ingredients available throughout the Levant region and takes you on a flavour journey without having to flag down a donkey for a lift home afterwards.

A close up of a map showing the countries that do and do not form the Levant region